Natural Clarifying Shampoo V.S. Clarifying Shampoo From Store

After I began to use my personal clarifying shampoo, my hair was completely recovered and looked  fresh and new. Over the few years, I was very pleased with this kind of shampoo, but as it usually happens, everything is pretty short. I did not regret to give money to the appropriate shampoo, but unfortunately, everything has its price. I used Çeleteque DermoScience hair and scalp care clarifying shampoo once a week and it really helped me when I was cleaning the scalp and the remains of various masks on my hair. These residues are incurred because of the use of various types of shampoos, conditioners, waxes, gels.These products are often combined with grease and dirt, which apparently does not see, and this leads to dryness and irritation of the hair. Often my hair felt heavy, and I could not comb it, and this shampoo was perfect for me, and using of it my hair was completely recovered and became fresh and fluffy.

clarI used it once a week, along with my “normal” shampoo, and the results could be seen already in the first wash. Any use of my standard shampoo has shown effect, thanks to the clarifying shampoo. Also,it should be noted that this kind of shampoo even has seven product lines that offer a multitude of quality,smells and for that you certainly will not have any complaints. But as it usually happens, I was tired of this shampoo and I decided to try a new, brand Una. The shampoo is used for deep cleaning, and this is the shampoo of Italian manufacturer. It is recommended for frequent use, and one of the functions is softening hard water. The price is acceptable, but for some people a little bit expensive. In itself, shampoo contained a number of herbal extracts, and when I compare it with the previous, this showed me a lot better. The hair was not dried and very soft. Also it can be used with ampoules.

img_0164I think that this invention is simply perfect, but there is one small problem, and it is that, no matter what the price is, I just does not want to pay the money for these shampoo, and I noticed that my hair has dried and somehow look like a straw , which I never wanted to happen. I chose the homemade shampoo with soda and apple cider vinegar. I can definitely say this is better than all shampoo from drugstore I’ve ever used. It is very easy to make, and I can add the smells as I want. My hair was not like straw,after using of these shampoo, it smells nice and it can be seen that there is indeed properly care for it. But now when I compare these two types of clarifying shampoo, from drugstore and home, I can only say that I saved my money because I will never again buy in drugstores,when I can make at home these shampoo, and all the ingredients  I have at home. My hair is thanks to homemade shampoo more brighter, cleaner, longer lasting fragrance, my scalp does not itch, and can use it more often, as opposed to the shampoo from store. So I recommend everyone to have fun with making this shampoo from home.

Hybrid Cars From An Environmental Point Of View

Hybrid cars are cars that are used for running two or more sources of energy. Ecology refers to the reduced fuel consumption, lower fuel demand as the number of hybrid cars grow over time and, most importantly today, less emissions. Spending fuel cars expel CO2 (carbon dioxide), which pollute the atmosphere and it is available in large quantities. Although, the industry in environment throws much more CO2, the cars are all over the world and it is expected to become the first environmentally friendly. Hybrid cars are ideal for this because they bring the advantage of the moments when the fuel is  mostconsumed – in city traffic. The hybrid drive is from the drive on electricity took  economy, then ecology, reliability, calm and quiet operation; while the classic drive took less need refueling and accepted manufacturing technology.

electric car green

With hybrid cars you enjoy the benefits of both engines, conventional internal combustion engines and electric motors.In the town comes to the fore and completely silent electric rolling narrow roads between the traffic light to the speed of 50 km / h, when the fuel consumption and CO2 emissions are zero. At higher speeds in the game jumps petrol engine and takes a job as the main drive in the moments when it has mastered the biggest electric load – launch vehicles and skipping the first three gears roof, where the usual fuel consumption is highest. In this way, the standard engine has a much easier job and spends 40% to 60% less fuel in driving mode. Transport, especially road, due to the use of fossil fuels is responsible for 25% of global emissions of carbon (IV) oxide. Average annual car emits so much CO2 emissions as much it is heavy. A comparison with gasoline and natural gas leads to the conclusion that hybrid cars are the cleanest during city driving while natural gas fueled cars do best on the motorway. On the open road, both types are equally successful. Under mixed driving conditions cars based on both concepts offer up to 25 percent lower emissions of CO2 (carbon dioxide) as compared to a conventional car with petrol.

toyota-hybrid-carHybrid drive systems to natural gas represent significant technical measures to reduce CO2 emissions that can be used immediately. Best offer hybrid car in many countries has Toyota (the world’s greenest brand), which seeks to approach innovative and cost-effective hybrid cars to drivers. Opportunity for this was a new way of calculating the excise tax, which allows adjustment of prices to the cars by CO2 emissions. Hybrid cars their existing owners, which is more than 5 million worldwide, delight with low maintenance costs, and a quiet ride with low CO2 emissions and fuel economy. Except Toyota, hybrid cars also offer famous brands such as Citroen, Peugeot and Kia.